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College &
Career Ready


Our Mission

Provide resources and supports to educate, equip, and mobilize individuals, families & organizations to ensure student success.

Early Education

NFEA believes that investment in early ed is a critical deterrent to remediation and ending the cradle to prison pipeline. Early childhood development can lead to better preparation for academic success and prevention of high drop-out rates. Children must enter school ready to learn and early education prepares them to do so.


The mastery of core subjects, particularly Reading, is crucial to closing the Achievement Gap especially for children of color and those in poverty. Literacy is a cornerstone for student achievement. NFEA rallies communities, families, students and educators around awareness of the K-12 standards per grade level and the rigor surrounding Common Core State Standards.

Middle Grades

Research shows that it's possible to identify approximately 75 percent of future dropouts in large, high-poverty urban schools before they enter high school. Increased family/community engagement pertaining to middle level reform is as vital as early ed in that intervention is easier—and more cost-effective than waiting until high school. While young people physically drop out in high school, research shows they make the decision to do so as early as middle schools.

College and Career Ready

To be successful in the 21st century workforce, students must be college and career ready. Our family/community engagement efforts focus on helping to provide resources for academic preparedness in the core subjects so that students will be successful in postsecondary job training, and/or credit-bearing postsecondary coursework for community college, university, technical/vocational program, apprenticeship, or significant on-the-job training.


Ultimately, the work of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA) must culminate in parents, families and community members being the stabilizing factor for student academic success across the P-20 spectrum. This will be accomplished by the development of positive and trusting relationships between the school community, family and student. The acceptance of parents being “at the table” must be ongoing and made an integral part of the reform movement in education. NFEA will continue to advocate for policies and programs that support these objectives with student success being the desired outcome.

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