Read 2B Great was created to promote literacy and family engagement for elementary-aged students. Each day beginning November 28th – December 22nd, students will pledge to read 20-minutes in class and families will pledge to join them for 20-minutes of reading to or with each other each evening.

Byron Garrett, CEO of the National Family Engagement Alliance has spearheaded this effort coast to coast with the support of Scholastic, celebrities, community leaders and educators.

“I believe that all children must Read 2B Great in order to Lead and BE Great!” says Garrett.

The National Family Engagement Alliance supports families as they seek the best in early childhood education for their students. The organization encourages families to:

1. Increase Pre-K children’s vocabulary through more reading aloud, playing word games, reviewing site words, and using phonics to introduce and pronounce new words.

2. Take children to the local library, visit kids’ section of book stores, and shorten time on devices and watching TV.


1. Families must begin to educate themselves about Common Core.

2. Re-introduce the use of an actual dictionary to decrease reliance on electronic devices (i.e., spellcheck and grammar check).

3. Use summer, holidays, snow days, and other time away from school as opportunities to read, read, and read…and write too!


1. Be mindful to advocate for all children in the school or community

2. Become familiar with education legislation; legislators who support education; district and state boards of education; and, business, civic, and community leaders who can assist with advocacy.

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“Reading at an early age has helped me to reach great heights as a student, educator and businessperson. I am pleased to partner with Scholastic and some of my celebrity allies and friends to bring the message to families all across the country that a family that reads together succeeds together.”

Byron V. Garrett

National Family Engagement Alliance

“The importance of reading is a major priority in my home. Very early on, I taught my daughter (Alijah) how reading could take her places, create new horizons and teach her mysteries that have been hidden in books written long ago. I totally believe that a family that prays together, stays together.’ I also believe that a family that reads together, grows together and has the power to reach each one’s potential of absolute greatness. Always remember some of the best things are hidden in books.”

Tichina Arnold

Actress, Comedian, Model and Singer, celebrated for TV hits “Survivor’s Remorse” and “Everybody Hates Chris

“At Scholastic, we know all caring adults can play an important role in helping a child develop a love of reading and learning. Working with leaders like Byron Garrett who have the vision to create change in children’s lives through literacy is a critical piece to our work at Scholastic. We provide educators and families with the tools they need to be reading role models and make reading and learning a priority both in school and in the home.”

Greg Worell

President, Scholastic Education

“In my line of work, everything is based on words – and using words to reach people through tone and emotions. I’m so happy to do what I can to show Chicagoland children how important reading is and also share with parents how meaningful the time they spend reading with their children can be.”

DJ Luv Cheez

97.9 The Loop radio